YouTube Makers Try SUPER HERO Gadgets at NY Maker Faire

It turns out that celebrity YouTube makers think my gadgets are AWESOME! It was so nice meeting everyone and I look forward to potential collaborations!


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  1. You don't have a face, do you? Do you?
    Joking aside, why not make a new mask? Rather than one from a game, might as well make something that'll be iconic to you.

  2. U have inspired me to make more of my own invention (like the spider web and to improve it.) From trial and error. Show your face because you have inspired the future Prodigy.

  3. it's impractical to wear that mask and it muffles your voice I'm not saying not to wear a mask but make it more practical something light and with an open mouth something like Batman

  4. I'd say do a face reveal but still wear the mask in videos just like a special so that if people don't want to know the face behind it they don't have to watch the video and find out

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