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  1. Happy 7th Birthday Litecoin! Looking forward to Gemini trading on16th October, Erisx and the next Litecoin mining reward halving!

  2. even with a failed project you can take one coin over from open source and become a success. so the is no problem with failed projects if someone can pick the spaceship and launch the currency to the moon with a bright idea.

  3. i suppose the is room for people with some money to use these coins and develop them and they could probably make some money with good use cases, change the name of some of them, and develop real use cases for some of them, some of them have been scams and some of them really have a over supply for the market they can gain, some of them won't make the profit people hope for.

  4. the are some problems with the over supply of coins though, even he swears does kind have a point, but the problem with these coins is a development issue and these coins can be taken over and developed on with enough money and backing. that's the reality

  5. i don't use swear words because i'm trying to make a argument, but because i think they are operating in a self centered manner for self interest and have funded a-lot of propaganda that attacks any individual from prospering while making themselves rich. that's the only reason i use swearing, when i can see past their nonsense and just had enough. flipped out. not because i have weak reasons, but because they deliberately drive narrative and misrepresent any real reason that makes this untenable to even put forward the real reasons. conversation has basically broken down so has trust and we'll never see eye to eye, but i could give reasons, obviously have in the past and they won't even notice. so fuck them.

  6. i'd use swear words on people who probably deserve this the establishment who take massive funds to fund their reality, they use swear words because they are losing money in their reality, two different sets of circumstances, and one has been attacked heavily by propaganda the other runs the propaganda.

  7. i tend to use cuss words when i've actually had enough of the bullshit, like when they go around calling people morons or racists, or anti BREXIT propaganda that is constant, not because the argument is weak in reality, basically a statement of frustration because they consistently pump out that propaganda over and over and over and over again, over over over again and again and again and this becomes tripe, now if you want people to swear, and tell them to fuck off, telling them to do that is statement of basically saying we've had enough of this, we've had enough of you pumping this propaganda, had you doing this over and over again, now they might be doing this to cryptocurrency, and you might think that appears weak, but maybe they are in opposite world where they are getting frustrated because they are about to lose money, not because this is weak, in his case he's got a weak argument, but say BREXIT if you've been hit hard by propaganda very hard, you just want them to fuck off, to be honest, you just do, because all the reasons they are stating are not the reasons all the smears they have been leveling against people, they keep trying to run their propaganda with-out people even being able to make coherent case because all the people in the opposition are controlled. so gets to the point in BREXIT terms where you just want to call them names and stuff, because in the end i can't hear anything more, the misrepresentation the smears, the liars, basically fuck off. we won we had good reason and they don't seem to want to quit, and i don't want to hear any more.

  8. We are at war right now in the crypto sphere! These bastards still going on with ignorant nonsense in the space but what’s fucked up is this asshole is supposed to speak on yet again something that he knows nothing about. We need an information chain because everywhere we go, fud and misguidence and blatant lies are spread like wildfire to the masses and now even government…. it needs to stop. We need a place where governments and policy makers can go and read up on TRUE information about the space, the plus and minus’s (which are things we need regulation on as well as problems solved) and the benefits brought forth so far and other examples of what could be done with the new and emerging tech/real emerging true currency. I get tired of listening to these assclowns like Jamie diamone talking down on this stuff and they haven’t the slightest clue what they are talking about (obviously motivated hate) . Just makes me so angry this can happen with all the info out there and ways we or the average person can wade through the bs and find truth. We need ….. TRUTHCHAIN ? we should get ahold of the ether alliance and see if we can make that happen, Tyler! You got any pull anywhere to get on this!? ????

  9. The reason corporations find blockchain technology no better than a database is because they centralize it. Blockchains are supposed to be open, public, decentralized. Duh!

  10. Like Vitalik rightly points out, everyone predicts the next crash, they just never accurately predict when. Dr Doom is no different other than he may actually have helped to cause the next crash by advising Obama who somehow managed to double the national debt to 20 trillion in just four years. With people like this, thank God for crypto.

  11. All I know is supporters of crypto persuaded loads of other people to invest in, and then lose lots of money (including me). So, that speaks louder to me than any hater. How any of us can still stand by the sidelines and wave our 'pro crypto' flags is beyond me.

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  13. Have you heard about the game changer . Phoenix has arrived. Liquid just been initiated watch out swift bitcoin is coming for you. Side chains has finally arrived on bitcoin . In my oppinion this will help the European union as they discussed an alternative to swift. Argentina already using bitcoin so this will only add to the speed of payments. Cheapness and speed on the side chain of bitcoin means no need for any other coin . Maybe litecoin 🙂

  14. Great vid Tyler.
    I watched the entire rant of Dr. Roubini and if you look closely, he didn’t right his whole speech.
    I’m not defending him at all, but obviously paid by elitist bankers to spread nonsense to the congressmen that bothered to show up for this event.
    Someone, supposedly educated, would not mispronounce words as often as Roubini did. He was prompted by those terrified of crypto currency. No one, in their right mind, would state falsehoods and error-ridden nonfacts to government officials.
    This is just another example of mild brainwashing to the less educated.
    What is needed is a simple bullet point video by someone as knowledgeable as you to explain to the less educated to clear up Roubini’s lies.
    Great vid.

  15. If Keep producing Quality crypto vids like this Tyler you will have more subs than Data Dash within a year my fellow crypto millionaire brother from another mother…Go Litecoin!

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