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– MoneyNetInt has partnered with Ripple and will utilize RippleNet – high potential to use XRP via xRapid
– Viamericas will most likely be the next company to go live with xRapid
– News of China’s Bitcoin Dominance Is Worrying Trump’s White House — And Pushing It Toward Ripple is making the rounds
– The CEO of Intercontinental Exchange’s (ICE) forthcoming cryptocurrency trading platform Bakkt has said she wants to deliver a “revolution” in the sector in a similar way to energy trading fifteen years ago. lists ZRX oX
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  1. October 10 XRP was in a bearish trend. Immediately the market headed towards the supply level of $0.62, and the bears rejected the continuation of the bullish movement with the formation of strong bullish candles at the supply level of $0.6 on the September 30, the coin has been trending down towards the support level of $0.43. Today, the market opening candle was a strong bearish candle that broke out to the south of the support level of $0.43; the price was pushed down to the lower support level of $0.33. The bears increased their momentum and broke the support level of $0.33, and the coin was exposed to the lower support level of $0.26. The price may experience pullback at this level. if you have lost so much during fall or want to increase your portfolio like me, Reach Kelvin Hinz on *Email/hangout onekevinhinz @ g mail and thank me later

  2. And also why is ripple not posting news on their twitter..all these would be great if they announce these officially!! Its great to know from partners but if would be great if brad or ripple posts these on twitter

  3. Institutional investor going to come in after bakkt, so which coin going to benefit from it more? Bitcoin or some real utility coin like xrp, tron, eos etc.
    In general in which institutionL will prefer to invest? Your thought

  4. Coinbase needs a competitor that is as easy to use in the uk that lists xrp. Where are they ? Im happy to dump coinbase as they don’t listen to the customer

  5. What? The price needs to be higher simply because banks send higher amounts of money. They dont want to send 50 million dollars using 100 million xrp. They want to send 50 million using 1-10 million xrp. Possibly much less. This does matter because it will allow the 40 to 70 percent saving. It will effect price because all the transactions if not most WILL occur over an exchange. Not over the counter. People overlook this because of the fact its being bought over the counter now. But using it as a liquidity tool, you need exchanges. Forex markets and such. This will all drive the price up once its actually being used. Time it takes to buy and sell is irrelevant to the price. What matters is the fact that there will be supply and demand. And if the xrp price is up. So is the demand. But that won't be the same for the supply because the higher the demand, the higher the volume. The higher the volume, the more being burned. The more being burned. The lesser the supply. The lesser the supply, the higher the price. Its all too simple.

  6. Speed of transfer is only one component that brings value to XRP. Please emphasize that the value proposition xRapid lies in the decentralization of liquidity. the elimination of corresponding banking has the potential to unlock billions of dollars in dormant capital. furthermore it is we the XRP holders that get to participate in the liquidity stream by the very act of propping up the value of the token. for the first time ever the public is being allowed to be an integral component of the technology.

  7. hi mate good video ? but need to do a bit more homework before you make videos. viamericas is a private company and the majority shear holder is the (world bank)!! that is the big news you missed out? the world bank is using one of there companies to test ripple (xrp) and if all goes well the world bank could use ripple?

  8. I was wondering this morning when it will drop most of the BTC I hold, because it is not longer the defacto crypto. I don't think that time is near but I do think that it is possible and ignoring that possibility would not be productive

  9. do you believe there is a chance to see a capitulation??? as most bear markets end in a capitulation, before a continuation to the upside. I think there is a huge possibility of this. My contrarian mind set tells me there is still way to many bulls in this market

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