Joe Rogan – Marques Brownlee Explains Ultimate Frisby

Taken from Joe Rogan Experience #1186:


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  1. I've been involved in Disc Sports since 1978. Started out as a Freestyle player and then transitioned over to Disc Golf. Freestyle is a choreographed routine to music and typically you need at least 2 people partnered up for a routine. A ton of time needed for practice. Then I got a real job, and couldn't devote the time. Disc Golf has pretty much the same rules as Ball Golf. You go out for about 2 hours and play 9-18 holes. Much easier to fit into my schedule. I've played Ultimate too, but over the years, and I'm 60 now, the bulk of my Disc play has been with Disc Golf. It never gets old. Love the Sport.

  2. Frisbee is gay!!! All the Hipsters in Brooklyn play it in streets. They play it in different variety of games. One game is you say something positive about someone, before you throw it…Not kidding

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