Bitcoin Cash SV vulnerability Found, Bitcoin Cash ABC gets Gemini Listing

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Bitcoin Cash SV vulnerability Found, Bitcoin Cash ABC gets Gemini Listing, is this whole ship sinking?
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  1. Just go to for just one example Coingeek they talk on double spend extensively but most stories just want concentrate on anything negative they can get a hold of but not show anything on the countless detailed presentations by people in the BitcoinSV camp. Who cares on the words centralized or decentralized those 2 words are overused. It's all business.

  2. i hold BCH. something smells fishy. why are you making a video on something you hate. what do you gain from it?. or maybe you're getting paid by the core people to post FUD.
    i got something for you. not hopping but it is a fact, you'll die first before you see the 4th crypto in markecap disappear.

  3. SV keeps attacking ABC and forgot that their tail is on fire from reorg to double spending. lol
    ABC could've easily counterattacked and destroyed SV 1 hour after the hashwar started but instead they decided to just defend themselves.

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