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  1. My previous phone was the Galaxy S8+ and bought an iPhone XS because I never had Apple. I'm so impressed by everything especially the battery because it's almost half the size of the S8+ and I was worried I was gonna be charging constantly, but a full charge easily gets me through the day.

  2. Why do people keep saying the oneplus 6t is half the price of other flagships? In my country the note 9 costs 650 usd and the oneplus 6t costs the same

  3. 5) Galaxy S9
    4) One Plus 6 (t did not have an aux port)
    3) Note 9 ( I own this phone. some bugs and its android )
    2) 10 S MAX
    1) Oppo Find X: 3

    * Pixel XL 3 is absolute Trash. YouTubers work for Google and have to at LEAST mention it.

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