Bitcoin VS Ethereum: Which Will Capture the Most Value Long Term?

Bitcoin and Ethereum are two of my favourite cryptocurrencies, and together they make up more than 90% of my crypto portfolio. I thought it would be fun to discuss which of the two I believe will capture the most value long term, and why.

I think this discussion is useful for illustrating the differences between value creation and value capture.

DISCLAIMER: This is NOT financial advice. I am just offering my opinions. I am not responsible for any investment decisions that you choose to make.

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About the Author: Louis Thomas


  1. If you are talking about monetary value then eth is the winner over btc simply because it's price is low and therefore you can buy more. This should possibly give you a better result, due to having more coins that are able to double exponentially. Hence the reason ada & trx are no-brainers too. But my favored is eos.

  2. Lol. Can't believe you're even comparing, BTC and. ETH?
    If BTC was Benny Hill,. ETH is the little bald man, and I'd give him a sympathetic pat on the head right now if I could.

  3. bitcoin and ethereum…it does not matter which ever you buy so far you are trading right and adequately…if you study the market properly,all these things wont be a problem

  4. Well I’m 95% Ethereum since I believe it’s profit potential it’s higher than bitcoin. In bull runs it typically runs harder than bitcoin.

  5. Huge fan of Bitcoin, but Ethereum will be king if it can deliver on its roadmap. We need both projects to succeed to realize the promise of the tech. If both realize their full potential, ETH will dwarf BTC as the trusted 'global settlement layer' for the new internet of value, programable money and smart contracts, which BTC cant facilitate. Just my opinion, will be exciting to watch it unfold and wish well to all. Thanks for the vid!

  6. Noob here. Genuine question. What can I use BTC, ETH, or my other cryptos for? I know I can store them and hope for an rising linje on the graph, and cash in later. But what else? Is buying into ICOs the only thing left to do? How about buying stuff online? Just curious really, trying to find arguments/motivation.

  7. Love Roath Park. Wonder if they still have the boat house and the white clock tower. Grandparents lived near there. Nice vid!

  8. I'm now fully BTC but used used to have some ERC 20 tokens. I've never been able to work out what good these tokens were for the holders like me. OK the tokens are issued to finance the startup but after that what are they good for? The only reason they seem to go up and down in value is because they are locked into BTC and its price.

  9. What if it's neither?

    Ari Paul said something like: If you wanted to invest in Facebook in the 1994 you couldn't, because Facebook did not exist yet. So even if you really believed in the idea of "social media" you may have put your money in the early stage versions of social media companies like Social Net. The clear "winner" was not created until 10 years later in 2004, which would be Facebook.

    Taking this idea into crypto: What if NONE of two thousand crypto projects on CMC is the winner. What if we are currently in 1994 equivalent, and the winning crypto has not even been created yet and is 10 years out?

  10. Bitcoin is majority held by 3 mining pools in China. They could get together and shut it down if they wanted to. Bitcoin wont be the money of the world. Its not decentralised enough. Digibyte is, and it has the tech to scale. Its that or banks keep their existence and XRP takes over.

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