Top Tech Gadgets Under Rs.1000 – from AMAZON India | Avengers Endgame Special

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    LOVE YOU ALL ?? ??

  2. Hello techshan, I was going through funko pop videos, and you are one of the rare Indian funko pop YouTubers. All of them are mostly from USA and Canada.
    I am a funko pop collector, and I have been searching for funko pop PROTECTORS since a long time. But they are not available in India. The ones listed on Amazon are uselessly expensive!!! (As they are imported from USA). In your videos I have seen you taking
    funko pops out of plastic protectors, can you please tell me from where did you get it ? Thank you…

  3. You r very underrated Shan, i dont know how or why. For any other channels i just see the apps from description or fast forward it;ur channel not the case.. U r awesome.. Keep bringing such videos??

  4. Always be like how you are right now pleasee dont change your attitude when you will become famous please?

  5. Respect your efforts and big fan of all the products u feature. Happy that you share the links so that we don't go through any trouble searching them.

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