The Cinematic Drone Revolution is Here : DJI VS FPV

►Cascades de France Channel:
►Petit Soldat Channel:
FPV shots were Stabilized using Reelsteady Go :
This is not your average drone shots, this is Drone racing cinematic footage or FPV drone.
I asked the french FPV drone Pilot Petit Soldat to recreate the same shot that Cascade de France did with his DJI Phantome 4 Drone.
well … that was very different.
The revolution is here ! are you ready ?
DJI drones : Easy to learn how to fly but expensive and full of limits.
FPV drones : Hard to learn how to fly, but cheap and 0 limits.
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The Cinematic Drone Revolution is Here : DJI VS FPV

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  1. It really depends on what you want to show: relaxing or surprising, each style has its justification depending on the goal of your footage! Great video! ?

  2. Cool Video dude. liked the style ? just a quick side node: nowadays as fpv has a little hype (which is awesome) the gimbal moves on dji's are kinda forgotten. flying straight and moving up/down/left/right is possible with both, but in my opinion it's the gimbal moves where the dji shines now. greetings from germany

  3. That FPV pilot is incredibly impressive! But honestly the DJI pilot barely moved. He just flew straight, no yaw, tilting or panning. Doesn't make for a super exciting video clip. You can definitely do more with a DJI than what we saw but there's no denying that the FPV footage is incredible. I'm definitely gonna spend more time on FPV soon! Great shots!

  4. The FPV shots are amazing, but keep in mind that the skills required to get those shots take a long time to acquire. The DJI almost anyone could do as it basically fly's for you and has sensors to avoid obstacles etc. It's like comparing a motorcycle and a pedal bike, of course the FPV is going to be better…but only because the pilot is highly skilled!

  5. Well, great shot, but unfair comparison. I know you had no influence in how the dji person shot and its a stylized flight, but like you can still flight in all directions with dji products not only forward and backwards

  6. "Fpv drones are cheap" bahahaha. Sorry but you have no idea. If you rip hard, you gonna get a new gopro every month or so

  7. Also… Sometimes a slow, DJI-like cinematic shot is called for… Can an FPV drone recreate that stability? In some wind? And…the fpv drone needs Reelsteady Go to create the final product, losing some resolution and probably introducing various artifacts. ..and sometimes/often a given project needs image quality better than that. FPV is totally awesome, but it can't replace a Phantom/Mavic in all situations.

  8. I think we all agree that both drone types have unique abilities that the other one can't perform or have difficulty performing. I would have liked to see how close either one could get to the other's primary/unique abilities. For instance have the Phantom fly fast/low over the water (why didn't it even try?)…and also introduce that feeling of banking/flying in post (easy to do).

  9. Fpv is the best pure manual and skills. Dji I dont think u have a skills with that kind of borring and they think that it is a hobby quad

  10. demn legit comparison this make makes me sub. that why i sold out all my dji a year ago and flying this fpv addiction until now ahahah cheeers……

  11. This video basically demonstrates what we already know…..FPV flying beats the pants off of "screen" flying hands down. But the sad reality is that for a growing number of countries , FPV flying is now prohibited without a spotter and even then , no BVLOS is allowed. Yeah I know , once you have tried it , you never want to go back to the screen but you will technically will be in violation of your country's laws and may suffer the consequences if discovered by a knowledgeable observer or law enforcement officer. Too bad , so sad , but thems the breaks. But it won't stop us , right?

  12. Lol dude! A conventional drone is always going to be better for real estate and traditional professional projects. Where fpv is more fun to look at for something creative. But the 'Dji' drones are still better for most things i need a drone for. And its way easier for a normal person to get good at. Fpv needs many more hours to get good results from.

  13. That is some nice comparison. I like both. DJI for some smooth, calm video and FPV for it's dynamics and different view angles. I think video creatives can easily utilize both and create great content.

  14. quality of video of fvp is too poor. for work i use mavic 2 pro, and he ask me for more quality for my video 🙁 but for now i dont have much money.
    i love fvp, i use my drone for fun and for rise my skill, but it need a stabilized on 5 axes same as a panasonic gx9 for use a video for work. oblivius this is my think. isnt a law ><.
    great video great work.

  15. Mathieu Stern Nice comparison between both. I can’t Choose because I like using both,and each has its different ability and needs.a great video and edit by the way.???

  16. FPV in 21:9 is kinda out of place, but I like what you guys did in post with the zoom! Really glad people are getting a new perspective on fpv.

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