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  1. As a hardcore Gears fan, I'm liking this game and I'm still hating the whiny ass Kait. However it's weak as shit and full of stupid inclussive propaganda. Gameplay looks good, graphics look good and story seems a 50/50

  2. yeah no. this game is garbage. nothing other than the visuals is any good. campaign is a fucking joke. there are demos longer than this game. its basically just the exact same multiplayer from gears 4 with better visuals and shittier sound. waste of money even at 1 dollar with a free game pass trial.

  3. People were playing the same game now that we're playing 2030 years ago Mario you go through the boss you fight the various enemies as the game goes on as a whole the basic level enemies become more difficult in between those you have bosses to mix things up a super difficult enemy not too difficult but difficult enough as you follow this one are path that's what gears of war is telling a story like that and that's OK it's all about the method how it's done not the base

  4. Unsubbed from that Incel TheQuatering. he says the game is over hyped because people gave it a great review because they have gay pride flags, then spent 10 mins bitching about not having straight pride flags.

    Thanks for a proper review.

  5. There are hidden areas around the desert map where enemies spawn if you pick something up. Sometimes it's ammo, other times it's a component. But I still hope the next game incorporates enemy patrols and ambushes into the open world.

  6. I really hope they get rid of the open world mechanics for the next game. Some games are better off just being mission to mission rather then having to spend 30 minutes just riding around on the kitemobile between the fun bits.

  7. they fucked up, you still need to connect with your Xbox account on Steam, what is the point then?! any interest I had in it disappeared. that and also I heard the campaign is short and I'm not into multiplayer

  8. I'm shocked… seriously, I'm shocked.
    Now in this day and age, as soon as you say you dislike something, people can't wait to jump on ya and say "Oh you're just a Sony fanboy"…. really? I'm 39, not fucking 12.
    I own a Pro yes, but I own an XB1X, Switch and gaming PC.
    As I stated, I'm not 12 and someone that dickswings for one company apposed to the other.
    I love gaming.
    I soooooo wanted this to be good! But…. it's just so boring! It's so mundane….. it's so, Gears lol.
    There are some games that run and run, they just get better right?
    I mean the first Halo… woah! My memories with that are just priceless.
    Then Halo 2, and beyond…. I had a blast alone and with pals.
    They may have lost their way a touch with the last one but, hey it's Halo!! Love it.
    With Gears, I found very much that it's a real rinse and repeat game.
    Very much a run, screen shudder, duck, cover, shoot, splat, gore, shoot more…. cheesy comedy line, shoot some more…. oh look a great big fuck off alien, shoot some more…. oh, end game.
    Well here, with this brand new game for the shiny Xbox and Xbox1X!!!! there is just exactly that and nothing much else.
    Looks stunning on my X, on my Oled, vibrant HDR, great graphics.
    The sound is loud and impressive.
    They have made a few changes here and there that are welcome.
    But I just expected more, I'm not sure what.
    Maybe a more immersive story that could possibly branch off in many directions through player choice? Or added a customisation tool that allows far more freedom than what we have.
    Just anything! Rather than Gears 5, run, gun, shooty bang bang alien hordes, that's it.
    I suppose with the fact Microsoft made such a fuss about the X being mighty and powerful, are losing money hand over fist with every console sold, that any game that comes out now this generation would use EVERY SINGLE BIT of power, and they would go above and beyond when it comes too new titles, especially now when every fucking XB1X bundle comes with a copy of G5 with it and on GP.
    This could easily be a big graphics patch, and massive DLC because it is the bloody same as all the rest.
    Very disappointing.

  9. Gears 5: surprisingly mediocre. It’s a definite improvement over recent installments and I respect the desire to tie in the dropped storyline from 2, but wonderful? You sound like a starving man given stale bread.

  10. I’m a MASSIVE Gears fan since the first game and I truly think Gears 5 is really good is most ways but mu fucking god this is the buggiest game I’ve ever played. Worse than Fallout 76 as personally I’ve come across a dozen game breaking bugs from infinite loading screens, restarting checkpoints simply not happening, progression events not starting so you’re stuck and being literally stuck on cover. I can’t co-op either because the game crashes on the 3rd chapter of act 1 consistently.

    Really holds the game back…

  11. Surprisingly wonderful? How much crack did you smoke before posting this? I've been playing it 3 days now and I'm fucking pissed. First off, PvP shouldn't have bots. They should've removed bots eons ago. Only shrimp dick faggots want to play bots. Aside from that, fuck the campaign. I didn't spend $80 to hear about feminist Kait's story. I spent $80 to pubstomp scrubs and domepop nubs. Who ever created bots and decided to put them in PvP as backfilling are the prime reason why the game is pure fucking GARBAGE.
    3.5 out of 10. It's the worst Gears game I have ever played.

  12. "Horrible multiplayer menus" lol typical youtube nerd vocabulary, open skiff areas "totally unnecessary," yet so many love those skiff areas? Your attempt to be a open minded reviewer of this game that already has stellar reviews in, your attempt to review G5 is not for the game, but for the youtube audience. Idk, I think maybe your a die hard PC only preacher and if that really be the case, your nose is in the air, you hate everything Microsoft has done for console gamers. You as many PC nerds hate that Microsoft has given 4K gaming to XBOX GAMERS, you burn that 1X can do some in house games at 60fps and 4K… no, I'm not forgetting about Microsoft delivery for THE FIRST TIME IN GAMING HISTORY.. MICROSOFT GIVES XBOX GAMERS HIGH DYNAMIC RANGE "HDR" This awesome sauce Microsoft threw into a XB1…. X. BURNS PC NERDS, WHO are just lately getting over their hate rants. We know that NOT ALL PC nerds are upset at, common it's the TOTALLY CUSTOMIZED X CHIP IN XBOXONE X THAT JAG CHIP THATS pretty much the same chip in the OG Xboxone from 2013 lololol MICROSOFT DELIVERED WHAT THE ENTIRE GSMING INDUSTRY OF GAMERS MANUFACTURES AND DEVELOPERS COULD EVEN IMAGINE THEMSELVES… LOLOLOLOL Digital Foundry those nerds crying on youtube asking sony to copy Microsoft lolololol what goof nerds, DF saying this and really… they know MICROSOFT is going all out balls to the walls going interstellar with not just new hardware and software, but going ballistic in innovations with their own PRODUCTS!!! Like hollow lens, no one expected that, but today many copied it.

    So, O' my, you are a little impressed… wow good on Microsoft huh YOU HAD TO ADMIT IT A GREAT GAME YOU GEEK, YOU WOULD BE PEGGED A TOTAL BIASED NERD HATTER IF you said otherwise.
    Nerd, compromise their own integrity for youtube money and viewers… hell will be HOT… no, it's not a honest living when your so full of beans when doing it.

    But, whatever, just thought I share this, nerd your fooling no one but maybe kids who watch. And even though I may come across salty, I agree with some points you made in Halo 3 to G5…. yes, think about the rescue of Cortana and think about G5 Kate's vision spells or dreams. But really, in movies and games rescuing someone is a classic tale, look at the first Mario games.. Mario rescuing the princess. But Bungie and Epic games, back when Cliffy B. with Epic made the Gears of War games, they never kept it a secret in regards to their collaborations for each own games. Sheesh, look there is HALO Reach characters in G5, yes and TERMINATOR characters as well… maybe that burns you too.. what other games has done this cross game and cross platform (big screen movie to guest in game) before?

  13. Jesus, how bad is the multiplayer on this game. It's absolute trash – the worst I've every played. I've played a small amount of the campaign and I am not impressed at all. It seems that this game could've done with another 12 months of polishing. The frame-rate and glitches are all over the place!

  14. Best gameplay in the campaign and great characters, but story kinda blew. The campaign over relies on jack, i feel. Most sections required him. some parts were really cool though

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