Steering Clear of Bitcoin "For Now"

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Steering Clear of Bitcoin “For Now”


Disclaimer: I am not a financial adviser and this is not financial advice.

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  1. So if we were really feeling bullish all of the news would be considered to be “pumping” the market. So we are obviously not truely feeling bullish. Which means it’s a great time to buy because we really are in a bull market? If any of that makes sense lmao but let’s be real bitcoin backed means bitcoin hodl which means ?

  2. This is the retrace for next year's halfening. The last two times the mining reward was halved, the value jumped 12,000% and 13,000%. That means in the months leading up to may, and a few months following it, the price will jump to around $380k-$400k. By the end of next year it will have to break a million to handle the decreased supply coming from the mining network. Its mathmatically impossible for it to still exist at this price or below after next year. If you're not buying and holding, you're wrong.

  3. I wonder what kind of person is entertained or amused by people being hurt or injured in car accidents or explosions or cattle kicking doors. I wonder because I'm not one of them and you persistently include these shots in your videos. If I wanted torture videos I'd find them, here I'm looking for Bitcoin information.

  4. The violent car crash memes were repulsive. Real people getting really hurt.
    Properly functioning humans don't like to see that, compassion and vicarious feeling of pain & discomfort..
    I'd rather laugh than wince, can you make future memes actually funny, as per your usual high standard?

  5. “I tend to agree that PlanB’s Stock-to-Flow model provides one of the most reliable prediction mechanisms for the price of Bitcoin in 2O2O and onwards. Not only does this model fit past performance with an accuracy of 99.5%, but a prediction that Bitcoin will set a new all-time high of $1OO,OOO in 2O2O coincides perfectly with impending major developments like the potential launch of the Bitwise and VanEck/SolidX Bitcoin ETFs, and the upcoming launch of Bakkt next month", so everybody should buy more and join the gain, for me i advice you multiply the little you have with Paulo's strategy, i was able to make 7bt with I.5bt in 3 weeks with the same strategy, You can reach him on telegram Paulophilips440 or WhatsApp+1(985)686-OO34—

  6. Always loved your vids, but I think you need to try and move out of the "I only make meme-y videos" niche of yours, It's been getting noticeable that you don't find that as fun yourself anymore, and thus the content has suffered somewhat in quality (humorwise), because (I don't think) you heart isn't it. I can see that it's hard when making daily videos though.

    Technically, this is just speculation and I am not your financial advisor yadayda good luck my dude.

  7. editor, chop up them videos and upload them pronto! let the man produce the content we need, he's an artist, not a computer mouse button clicker video program copy paster!

  8. So is the Bitcoin scalability issue fixed if it's such a futuristic tek? what's the commodity plaining on doing to update that minor issue ? lightning? i'm sure they are some viewers who still don't rlly know how bitcoin works but they sure know what kinda swings it makes during the day.

  9. Bitcoin has value because the mining was taken away from people, there might be alot of hashrate in the bitcoin blockchain but no one really mines with ASIC expect big companies (maybe few individual miners, but they will lose money due to newer hardware coming out), the bitcoin mining is becoming more and more centralized, the more centralized the mining and the more speculative the price can get because you have very few sellers (Bitcoin miners). With halvings, bitcoin is guaranteed to be harder to get (therefore have more value).
    Some companies went all in, and spent thousands if not more on mining farms. IF bitcoin goes down they all go bankrupt, their machines are only designed to mine bitcoin and bitcoin only, so trust me you will ALWAYS hear people trying to sell you some. Those machines are not making transactions going faster or anything they are doing this just to have more power then others and more coins so they can manipulate price. Bitcoin farms depend entirely on buyers. no buyers and it's done.

    Seeing a high hashrate in the bitcoin blockchain doesn't make it more secure, it brings more censorship, if it's owned by the same company. This is what "Decentralisation" means, avoiding as much censorship as possible.

    Right now to all the people who think they are "involved", because they bought few coins. NO. Someone was involved and that someone sold you what they mined. You ARE NOT involved if you are not mining.
    The most profitable Bitcoin owners are people who mined it freely because they could. And now that people cant mine it freelly people wanna buy some overpriced? no logic lol

    In 2 years if the 2 main mining companies agree that 1 bitcoin should sell for 100 k. Guess what, they will put it at 100 k. Those companies got alot invested in, they are paying for the electricity. If you don't buy their bitcoins they don't profit anymore thats the funny thing.

    Anyhow mining should be something anyone could achieve and it shouldn't cost this much. A real Cryptocurrency should be mined by its users, the more people are involved into mining, the more secure the blockchain is. If you have less miners, your coin has more censorship and can be easly manipulated.

    Bitcoin miners make it unreachable for ""normal" people to mine, they want as less miners as possible on the network.

    this is my personal opinion, quote me if i'm wrong, that's how i see it.

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