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  1. Lol nothing will be the AirPod killer. No matter how much the haters want it to. These will sell 11 units and never be heard from again in a month

  2. You should check out Vivo's own ear buds. They never fail to amaze me, and you will too, they're more of music / sound quality focused rather than style and design.

  3. thank god samsung didn't go the airpod style. I love my galaxy buds because of the low profile and not looking foolish in public (in my opinion)

  4. Under 100 is a great price point for me. I bought air pods 2 with wireless charging for my kid and it was $225 out the door here in Cali. Felt my heart going out as my debit card being swiped lol. ?

  5. 99 is still too much. There must be some buds for 35 that worth buying. Even if you spent 400 something will eventually happen that make those stop working.

  6. Oppo = Chinese company. Although its hard to boycot China, the least what we can do is to avoid Chinese brands. ~2 million Uyghurs are in Chinese concentration camps right now.

  7. “I don’t want to spend $150 on AirPods”

    Laughs in Canadian

    You Americans really don’t know how good you have it

  8. If you have $99, wait a few more weeks and pay $150. If you have to buy a "budget" option, then you don't the money for the budget option either. Prioritize how you spend your money.

  9. Is it me or LEW Has been recently not so interested in doing unbox therapy, looks bored and forced, along with the format change and his newfound “enthusiasm” has me now not so interested in the vids.

  10. There is real me air buds too which looks like same airpods and it cost about 50 to 60 dollar u can check them too luv u bro ♥️♥️

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