Nokia Lumia 920 vs iPhone 5 HD Video Test

Nokia Lumia 920 vs iPhone 5 HD Video Test

Nokia Lumia 920 vs iPhone 5 HD Video Test. Windows Phone 8 vs iOS 6 and iSight up against Carl Zeiss optics. Which premium smartphone shoots the best …


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  1. The iPhone video just look like a cheap phone when comes in video recording the Nokia Lumia have more contrast but nothing serious , in Lumia phones the firmware comes with improved algorithm In post processing plus an faster lens too, the people who are in photography aficionados we know the lens and aperture figures are very important in a camera so the point is for the Lumia 920, the iPhone doesn't have an high quality lens like the Carl Zeiss one and the colors looks washed up in nature colors are not saturated but neither are the tone too light is easier fix a video over saturated than an washed up color video

  2. Who said that it is the only driving force my friend? :D. I think you've got emotional, control your emotions pal, maybe you are a big iPhone fan or user :D.

  3. Saturation can be modified afterwards. Plus : higher FOV + optical image stabilisation, better flash…you must be kidding :))
    iPhone's camera is one of the worst you can get for that much money!

  4. Nokia lumia 920 and 820 video's are in full high definition so if u are going to buy a phone with 8mp cam. buy the 920 or the 820 because they both have 8.7 carl zeis lens AND DUAL LED FLASH YOU SAW THE VIDEOS IN THE DARK. So don't be stupid and make the wrong choises. I hope i was helpfull.

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