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  3. You guys had a great stream tonight. if all the bills that go to Congress are written by lobbyist, who work for big corporation. Then if all of the small people mining from home and running stake pools, are pushed out of the market. that means only the corporations can do the mining and run the stake pools. they take all the money from the small guy as usual.fruit for thought!

  4. The treasury is on control of the SEC, Gary Gensler did not get this position because he is some sort of rebel. Do not use Coinmarketcap as sources of the numbers when you do tokenomics on projects, they are almost always listed wrong. Projects are listed with capped supply when they are not, and inflationary supply is often not taken into consideration. People make a big thing about Etherum burning supply, but 18 million ETH are still added to the supply yearly. That is 36 Billion USD minted into the supply. That is FAR FAR more than the XRP supply being released yearly from Escrow in dollar value. A few miners/individuals are in control of a lot of that ETH.

  5. The crypto community needs to challenge banks/central banks, government’s and institutions for a public debate on crypto vs fiat. All these new ridiculous rules being forced on crypto as investors are silly and counterproductive to innovation.

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  7. I think politicians are certainly ignorant, but I would also not rule out malice. Crypto takes power away from them, especially if it is harder to track. The folks in gov right now are collectivists and want big-brother-level power and mass-surveillance-state systems.

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