Bitcoin: An Important Weekly Close

Bitcoin: An Important Weekly Close

Bitcoin is coming in hot on an important weekly close. If Bitcoin can close above a very modest $60k, then it will be the highest weekly close in the history of …


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About the Author: Benjamin Cowen


  1. No chairs, bright light. Soon Ben will just become one with the charts like Neo in the Matrix. A singularity of crypto truth. Adopt your ultimate self and become the cryptoverse!

  2. I really dont see this weekly close as important.. Even if it slows down a bit, cools down slowly and alts get some money flow, its still ok.. It gained 22k in 3 weeks..

  3. I’m a little worried about how much great information is out there about bitcoin cycles. It’s like the secrets out and too many people are expecting it now. Has this much information ever been available in previous cycles?

  4. What do you think is going to happen to the crypto exchanges? Seems to me they are going to take some kind of a hit, considering the vast majority of people will not go through the significant hassle ( risk of losing keys, sometimes ZERO customer support, etc) we've all gone through in order to be part of this industry.

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