GigaBash Review

GigaBash Review

GigaBash succeeds as a fun arena fighter with a focus on four-player chaos, even if that fun doesn’t quite translate over quite as …


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  1. Looks awesome but the price is crazy. If this was sub £20, it would sell much better. A limited free/ps plus multiplayer mode seems like an oversight too, this could be huge!

  2. This game would be perfect for Ps+/Gamepass, sounds super fun but it's an hard sell unless you got people to play locally.

    Maybe something like A Way Out's and It Takes Two's invite system that lets owners invite someone that doesn't have it to play with them(share play kinda works), IIRC that last Wolfstein game that was coop focused also had that.

    Or just simply a stripped down mp only version like Killer instinct, Siege and For honor had.

  3. they must make it like godzilla save the earth for PS2 the gameplay is allot better then this game, the image freeze one seconde after each hit in these new fighting games they must fix this

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