Why is the Market Red? – When Will CryptoCurrency Bounce Back? – Crypto Market News

The cryptocurrency market is in the red, when will the crypto market bounce back? CryptoCurrency News!
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  1. As you must be aware, cryptocurrencies are very volatile and not the most risk-averse investment. It is one of those asset classes with an extremely high risk-reward ratio.

    Bitcoin.com reported on February 23rd 2018 that 46% of last year’s ICOs have failed already. Investors in the crypto space face the daunting prospect that 1 out of 2 investments are likely to fail.

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  2. You talk fast but nothing you say has any meaning. You are just talking prices of things with no intrinsic value. PLEASE DO NOT LISTEN TO THIS GUY> keep your money out of this utterly stupid "market"

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  4. Thanks for an awesome breakdown of the current market trends (the "crypto-apocalypse" LOL) — My wife & I are enjoying the fireworks. Our LTC addy is : Lfqdb3buurrdnC6BPhaZTqjpEexNFnmdJ2

  5. I have investments in XRP, Spank, Guncoin, NCL2 , ARK, Okoin, and Fitrova. I am in so deep with Crypto right now, I couldn'r get out even if I wanted to………lol. I am in this for the long haul.


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  7. Great vid Zack…….nothing new there, par of the course with you lad!??
    You did Tel coin recently, thanks for that…….now I need a review of QASH

    Also, please give me 1 Litecoin ?


  8. Thank you for your show. Your words encourage me. HODL!!! I wish I could buy and buy in all dips.
    LTC : LYXuYyNgatpppLBUVhPpxEpUdQgoxi7FUR

  9. Awesome job, Always looking forward to your videos, may i sugest to add a smal segment of 30 seconds or so to teach or give tips on how to read charts for TA, maybe how to setup the trading view etc. For easier understanding oriented for newbies in crypto like me.



  10. Bitcoin/Litecoin announce the Lightning Network, Beta and ABRA adopts Litecoin as the main exchange coin. Coinbase now has some real competition…….. F***ng Great, Breaking news. We should see the smart money coming now

  11. buy $zil be doubling in price end of month with testnet release

    send btc if you get a lambo BTC: 1PGfVEH3EkduN7TEx4JjB9RBq6YVHhDRha

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