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Is the cryptocurrency market going bearish or will we finally break bullish? Crypto News!
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  1. Lol I have been saying it for months now that the bubble burst and its not going on to ATH any time soon. Bitcoin was destroyed by the futures. Until we have fiat pairs for altcoins, the market is going to be crap for a long time.

  2. I don't see a Bull run any time soon, the Volume is sad…and FAKED as recent articles have proven. This ALONE is very bad for smart investors. Because of this I have ZERO faith in Crypto now. Tether still and issue being an ILLEGAL money service in most US states, the SEC in the background which could come with bad news any time. If' you're smart stay out for now.

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  6. If only making money was really that easy. I fear you’re missing the point. Not all of these coins are gonna see their all time highs ever again. Some will; and other newer coins will go on a run, but Tron, for example, may never rise so high again. Or maybe it will…. Months or years from now.
    If it were that easy, then we could all sleep tonight knowing we’ll soon be stinking rich…. I think we know life doesn’t really work like that.

  7. Market will keep doing what it's doing for the next several months at least, too much uncertainty right now, stop believing May is going to be the month of the bulls, these analysts said March would be too, after Chinese New Year, blah blah…If you believe in crypto, hodl on until 2021 and so forth, forget this May of this year nonsense.

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