Sony Xperia XZ2 hands-on – MWC 2018

The Sony Xperia XZ1 has just been unveiled at MWC 2018 and we one in our hands – what do we think? It’s excellent Sony had gone 18:9 with its screens. The Full HD 960fps slomo ups the resolution…


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  1. Abit Bazal less than before but the Design is really unacceptable.. I hope xz1 premium would come with more bazel-less and new square symmetrical premium design!

  2. Great phones! Great improvement in the way of the market whatever the so called Sony fan's are saying. The market wants and buy " round design phones", wireless charging phones, with fingerprints on the front or back. Sony needed to change their design and make it more attractive for the masses. And they've done it with Sony touch. This new design looks like an old Xperia SP ( curved back) mix with an omnibalance design ( sides) and the front is common. It bet they will make more sales. If they only sell in the USA through carrier they will make so much more sales. Good job Sony. Keep pushing with the Xperia XZ2 Premium with that dual camera you've showed. It's promising.

  3. The one in deep green looks actually beautiful. I might pick it up this year over `Samsung as I actually dislike edge sides and battery on my Samsung s7 edge last 6-7hrs now and phone is not even two years old ;/. Paint came off from the fingerprint scanner after one year. Bit disappointing tbh. I am also waiting for HTC and will make a decision.

  4. Disappointing design, disappointing omission of the jack 3.5mm.. I think I'm going with the XA2 or seek another flagship. Sony HAD a unique personal design with omnibalance and the fingerprint sensor on the side. Traits that made it stand out from the competition. Now, it's the same as everyone else. Of course, there are some improvements but the package is overall disappointing

  5. I don't like it. They've joined the 18.9 tall screen bandwagon and offered even less. Personally I prefer my XZ Premium which I think is their best phone in both design and function. BTW 16.9 is the perfect standard, the wider screen doesn't offer any more, just washes out the colours with less definition. 4K in HDR?. Who cares. 4K alone is amazing, so is the 960fps/720p. These companies need to dump all these superficial cam enhancements and focus on something really groundbreaking like PowerPoint projection. Now that would be amazing!

  6. when they have the omnibalance design language, people spit on it saying that it is dated as fuck…. when they change it to a more main stream design… people say it is soul-less…. I bet those designers are scratching their heads right now as in which direction they should go next…

  7. Am not a hater or a hypocrite i believe Sony did a great job here. All you complaining about the design fail to realise beneath that design is a great phone with many innovation. If you are not a hypocrite the design will eventually grow on you

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