Crypto News | Big Moment For Bitcoin Today! Crypto Under Attack In UK. Ethereum Sharding Ready.

Do you think sharding will provide the scalability ethereum needs? Where do you see the markets heading? Leave a comment below!


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  1. James, as always thank you for taking the time to make the content, you have grown to be the only name in the game I watch and trust. Your videos still pop up in my feed and in my alerts also.

  2. Crypto Bobby was banging on about ravencoin and that he wanted to start mining it. Alt coin Jeff was talking about less than a penny coins to look at he mentioned kin, tky, Tel and one other that you mentioned tonight, SNC

  3. Hey, would love to know why they are censoring you. Are are there specific rules about your disclaimer (Not a Financial adviser stuff) Other channels make a real big deal about spelling it out that they are not Financial Advisers. ?? Hope it works out for you, you in my top 3 channels.

  4. $ELA. It’s worth the fundamental deep dive. It’s the only hold aside from BTC that I can buy and forget. Lots of good sources on Medium.

  5. Good job James keep up the good work! Maybe you can mention twitter notifications at the beginning of the video or before comments since YouTube is shafting you.

  6. Shill YouTube red, maybe they’ll take your leash off. I personally find it more than worth it, as I still get my alerts, no ads, and I can listen to it in the background as opposed to having to close out to activate my browser or whatever.

  7. hey y’all should try( cryptocyberx@gmail). i got a mining program from them which helps me mine from bitcoin transfer charges into my wallet, the program has a mining limit of 1.2btc for BTC and 5000$ for ETH a month, so i can get upto 1.2btc in bitcoin and 5k in ethereum per month, all thanks to them. you can also reach them thanks CRYPTO CYBER. i really appreciate..

  8. The whales and institutional investors wait for organic growth and retail investors to buy in for a couple weeks, then they dump the price. They're fooling the HODLers and retail investors into thinking that their money will raise the price of BTC. They're only in it for the market manipulation and for their own greedy pockets.

    My greatest fear is that retail investors gradually get phased out of the markets due to excessive plutocrat price manipulation and wide-scale adoption is therefore never reached; rendering crypto an obscure, irrelevant fantasy.

    We've made the mistake of letting the "big players" and "traditional financial institutions" into this space and now they're actively trying to kill it. The days of being able to make money as the little guy, the retail investor with bills and loans to pay, is over.

    We're fucked. The plutocracy shambles on. Stagnating wages, squalor, destitution, and a depreciating standard of living are our future (unless you live in Europe). Crypto was our one hope of improving our means, and the ruling/wealthy class have ensured that our only avenue of escape is gone.

  9. Take a look at Zebi. Interesting project from India. Some call it Potentially Indias Icon. I have been researching it today. Boxmining did an interview with them. You have a great channel! Cheers!

  10. Your channel is definitely one of the top 5 crypto channels on YouTube and should have 10x the following it has… Very balanced and objective content. Keep up the good work.

  11. James I'm getting the alerts now which hasn't been the case for a while. There seems to be a slight delay before they are available for viewing. Keep the faith and really enjoy this channel.

  12. Hiya mate, again you seen babb? (BAX) they are doing a equidity crowdfund.. which means you own a bit of the company! Only on small decentr exchange!

  13. As institutional investors come into the space, they are likely to bring high frequency trading with them. Do you see this posing a threat to us “retail traders”? Great video seems like most of the rational unbiased tubers are getting censored.

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