Time To BUY CRYPTO While It’s CHEAP!? + Big EOS News

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  1. Appreciate if U can give the name of the Coin in Big letters so we new pple can follow what Coin U are talking about as the sound System is Not clear. Tqvm. Appreciate.

  2. Bitcoin has been viciously attacked by the media this last few months so your right, the 8k resistance will be strong as many people bought in at this point and just want to break even. However, if new investment can outpace these fud exits, we should start to see some stead growth. Its starting to look like Q4 2018 could mirror 2017 Q4. fingers crossed. I'm very optimisic if this happens because I dont think we will see a repeat drop in early 2019 like we have seen this year simply because investors will have more confidence that any dips will be recovered this time.

  3. I dont know how anyone can have an issue with EOS over not having a phyisical product. They have been very open about this and it is the only way to keep EOS decentralized. This is why this project is so exciting in my opinion.

  4. Thank you so much for all this information! I'm with you! 🙂

    And oh, by the way we have an ongoing GIVEAWAY of worth $1000 BTC to give back to the crypto community. You surely don't want to miss this! Check the video under my BIG CRYPTO playlist on my channel to participate! Thank you so much!

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