Betting 6 Bitcoin? – Win Up to $35,000 PLO – CryptoCurrency Poker and Gambling

Today we could win up to 6 Bitcoin playing Pot Limit Omaha Poker! Americas Cardroom accepts CryptoCurrency!
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  1. Bitcoin grows every year due to its supply.. The government plays with innocents who keep earning money but overtime we are bombarded with inflation every year.. The value of money in 2018 wasn't the same in year 2008.. Bitcoin solves this problem and so government fears this..

  2. I really feel i could help with your Omaha game. Would love to play with you next tourney. Exellent video as always.
    Username is – AdrenALLINe
    LTC : LQ9mWDz6jXiw5kkh9SN9dVxbhY1qXi6CrY

  3. You guys are a great team! Zach, Max, and welcome Megan!
    Binance supports $NPXS airdrop so you can leave them there!

  4. There is an amazing platform that I have been using lately and It is absolutely incredible how much it helped me to earn more. For how little you give you can absolutely make $2,000 in the first day. But you gotta be fast because it is accepting limited members now for it is absolutely hot.
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  5. your 88 at the 16 min mark is not good…no pair on the board so your 88 could make a straight for them. and you would only have trips.

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