Dark Souls Graphics Comparison – Nintendo Switch vs. Xbox 360 vs. Xbox One X

We compare the graphical fidelity of Dark Souls on Nintendo Switch to the original on Xbox 360 and the remaster on Xbox One X! Dark Souls Remastered for …


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  1. I don't see a difference…j/k why are they comparing a last gen console, portable gaming system, and top of the line $500 machine…on a 8 year old game?

  2. I'm sorry, just no. Switch looks like a slightly better 360 version and I really don't see the point of having portable Dark Souls. For those kind of games I rather just sit down so I can focus than carrying it around.

  3. Are they sure they didn't mix up the Switch footage with the XBox One X's? The Switch looks far more crisp with what appears to be better resolution overall than the X, which shouldn't even be close to possible. It's extremely noticeable when the footage moves between the two on the Asylum Demon fight. The textures on the demon are much cleaner on the Switch than the X.

  4. I will say, the Switch has better lighting than the Xbox One X version but the X has better graphics overall. I still play it on my X though.

  5. Are you people blind?! The Switch looks better and runs better than the 360 version. I have both and have compared them myself. You need to watch these videos in 1080p to see the difference.

  6. So compared to original, the Switch runs at a higher resolution and has a more stable frame rate while Xbox One X runs at 60fps, has better ambient occlusion and runs at the highest resolution on console

  7. Nintendo Switch is an excellent little system aside from poor battery life. The new version should address those issues with other improvements. My children and wife love it and so do I we play all kinds of games on all systems but the Switch some how is just more exciting

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