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  1. Writing this on Sony VAIO and it is my first laptop I can understand why it's terrible but I think its ok for browsing the web. And love your content.

  2. Okay so help me with this…
    I need a laptop/hybrid/Two in One for college. I sort of need a new phone since mine is almost 3 years old.
    Black Friday is coming up… I need to make a decision (I am an Android user):
    1 – Switch to the Apple Ecosystem, with a MacBook air and an iPhone
    2 – Buy a Surface Pro or a Dell XPS 13 and another Android phone
    I never had an Apple product, and am very curious with how well the ecosystem works together. Never really liked windows to be honest.
    Share your opinion, I am quite lost on what to do here.

  3. I don't need to touch it however love a pen. I have fingerprints on glass. I touch my phone because I have to. Constantly wiping. Cleaning my ladies glasses too like how can you see?! She gets pissed because it's like a finger print and I'm bugging. I CAN SEE IT THOUGH. sigh I am the problem. Carry on.

  4. Well this laptop looks upgraded for time but I feel it's little bit over priced here in India…. Well for that price I would go for HP as it provides Touch screen and pen with it… If to choose b/w ipad and macbook I would go for I pad….

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