Top 10 Dumbest Superhero Gadgets

Top 10 Dumbest Super Hero Gadgets. Batman isn’t the only superhero with dumb gadgets. There are plenty of superheroes who have gadgets that completely baffle us. Here is some of our favourite….


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  1. 10. The Arctic Armor is for the freaking Arctic but yeah I agree here
    9. At least he used it effectively or at least tried
    8. So . . . spider sense right?
    7. Exploding playing cards? HELL YEAH!
    6. Lol, yeah it is dumb
    5. I think this one was intentional but hey, at least is it non lethal and hey, Green Arrow can make it Arrowdynamic because why not? (See what I did there?)
    4. WTF?
    3. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Also Spider Ham, I think the Simpsons referenced him some how lol.
    2. It is Batman, he tortures people psychologically anyway

  2. I liked this video, but I found your coverage of Gambit's cards to be rather ignorant. First, they really aren't a gadget, as in they have no inherent abilities of their own. Second, and keep in mind that this was may not be true of all versions, is the way Gambit's powers work. Gambit charges objects with kinetic energy, and after he throws them and they hit something, instant explosion, which also destroys the objects in question. The larger, and possibly denser, the object, the longer it takes for him to charge up. Charging up a playing card takes almost no time, whereas charging a basketball would take almost a minute, though would also equal a far more powerful explosion. The reason why he uses playing cards is their mass enables him to draw, charge, and throw them quickly and in large numbers. The fact that you can get a pack or two at a dollar store doesn't hurt either. While shuriken or throwing stars would be cooler, there are a couple of issues. First, replacing them after each fight would be expensive, and second, to be truly useful they have to be made of metal, which is a problem against a certain master of magnetism and trying to get past security.

  3. What would you use if you had gambits powers?Playing cards are perfect. They are easily grabbed, they are small enough to hold a ton of them and they are relatively cheap. How would you pay for the hundreds to thousands of throwing stars you would use a day? He used a staff when he loses his powers.

  4. I think you are a little off with Gambit PLaying cards to be honest.. If you think about it… Carrying 52 shurikens would be rather weighty and expensive.. Considering Gambit would have to carry about 100+ at all times… Carrying 5 Decks of Cards not only is Cheap, but not that heavy so he can freely move about at he has 200+ cards at his disposal…

    As for when Gambit Looses his powers or cant use ranged attacks… Thats what his Staff weapon is for… He is actually one of the better thought out characters in the way he delivers his attacks.

  5. Gambit uses playing cards because they're easy to carry. They're small, lightweight, he has 56 cards on him all the time, and he's not going to be harassed if confronted by police/security. They're just playing cards. They're not bladed weapons.

    Not to mention, he can throw them hard enough to stick into trees, and even some brick walls. Sure if he looses his powers he doesn't have the ability to make them explode, but I still wouldn't want to be hit by one of them. Especially if they're sticking into concrete bricks/trees.

  6. Ant Fun fact:
    Ants (and many other bugs) will survive a fall from practically every height. They weight very little and their terminal velocity is low so it doesn't matter if they fall an inch or a mile.

    However, shooting an ant ( or an antsized human) from a cannon would not be a practical way to travel, for many different, very obvious reasons. For example the force needed to propel a tiny bug, wind, bad weather conditions, limited travel distance, skyscrapers that block the way, other flying objects etc.

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