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  1. Slightly confusing your estimate of cost as this device doesn't stretch over the £400 mark, so where you got over 700 euros from I'm not sure. I'm guessing on contract UK customers should expect to pay somewhere between £35 to £45 a month based on handset cost and plan ?

  2. For €399,- I want to have this Nokia 7 plus. Its beautiful, beautiful and beautiful. Great build. Its strange to not have a flagship processor or snapdragon 845 but it doesnt bother me. Camera spec, battery, display, looks are awesome. I love that device. ?

  3. Why do I hear so many different prices on the 7plus. I've heard from 350,us to now you're saying 750 Euro, which is like 800 US. What's up with the price flux? Thanks

  4. Absolutely THE worst review I've ever seen. At least edit the video or apologize. You got the price wrong and you got the material wrong saying it's ceramic paint on plastic. It's all machined from a single block of Aluminium…smh. This guy really needs to apologise publicly for this. Literally doubled the price and insulted it's material even though he was incorrect. I hope Nokia takes this guy to court for slander if he doesn't apologise.

  5. I think this is Europe's answer to Apple and Chinese smartphones. I can see Nokia slowly consolidating in the European market in the years to come after getting some form of tax exemption, mark my words.

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